Our History


copyright 2014, A Little Anonymous Music Co.

A Little Anonymous Music Co. started as Anonymous Productions in 1990.

The company name grew out of a joke. Keith was added to the production team so late that his name was omitted from the credits on seven projects in a row. He was hired to fix problems in a series of projects ranging from a stage production by the Arkansas Opera Theater to television broadcasts by Henderson State University Music Department.

He was just supposed to make people sound good, not get credit for it...so he became "anonymous"....

The first "official" project with the Anonymous name was recording Jackopierce for Rhythmic Records. Their 1990 album Someday You'll Understand marked a beginning for Anonymous working with singer-songwriters to help them get their careers started.

While working with Jackopierce, Keith commented that if we did our job right that people wouldn't hear us...they'd just hear the band. A philosophy that had been the driving force behind all of Keith's work as a producer, engineer, or composer for theater and television took over.

If we do our job right, no one will know we were there.

Because it's not about who we are...it's about the music we make.

•    Alfred Music
•    Warner Bros Publishing
•    Joseph Banowetz
•    Alton Chan
•    Linda Mantooth
•    Plano Independant School District
•    Daniel Bailey
•    Henderson State University Dance
•    SMU Theater Department
•    Booker T. Washington High School
•    Mrs. U.S. International Pagent
•    Extra Virgin Performance Cooperative
•    Densil Adams
•    Gryphon Players
•    Steven Mitchell
•    Colin College Theater Department
•    Bodkin and Rose Theater Company
•    LJ Productions

•    A&E Network
•    Julie Chadbourne
•    Blue Skye
•    Howard and White Band
•    The Sutcliffes
•    Akoustik Nerve
•    Jackopierce
•    Arkansas Opera Theater
•    Henderson State University Choral
•    Ouachita Baptist University