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Kay Hays

Principal Owner & Project Manager

Kay focuses on the business side and lets Keith work with the artists.

She works to see the legal rights of our artists are protected and they the compensation they deserve for their work.

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Keith Hays

Co-owner, General Manager, Composer, & Performer

Keith works hands on with clients to fill their needs. He has composed scores for stage, TV, and film projects, produced and engineered albums, written songs and jingles, and created cover art for dozens of clients.

Mark Hays

Recording Artist, Songwriter, & Performer

Mark has a long, significant career as a performer. His songwriting and vocal talents are incredible and he’s currently working on his first solo album project

Daniel Bailey

Recording Artist, Songwriter, & Performer

Daniel has recorded two albums with us at A Little Anonymous Music. His first, Simple Things, was laid down in Dallas in 2001. His newest (his third project) has a working title of “The House Concerts” as is in the final stages of prep before release.