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A Little Anonymous Music Co. provides recording services on location or in the studio for independent artists and more.

Our fees are based on your project and your needs. Travel expenses are the client’s responsibility and a deposit must be paid before sessions begin.

Our focus is to make you sound your best. To that end, we will help you in rehearsal, choose material, and assist in arranging/editing your songs along with mixing and mastering as desired.

Cover Art & Design

Photos, art layout, and typesetting are essentials parts of every recording project. We can do full packaging for you our handle any step in the process you need assistance with while you’re working with us.

We have over a dozen projects that we’ve either created the art for or handled the art direction. Extensive experience with printing and manufacturing has honed our skill at putting together a retail ready product.

Songwriting, Composition & Sound Design

Finding you the right composer, music director, or sound designer can be a challenge. We have a number of skilled and experienced affiliates that we’ve worked with and can pair you with for your project.

Whether you’re looking for your next song to record, a score for a theater production, or sound effects for a film, we have a long roster of talented professionals who can fill your needs.

If we do our job right, no one will know we were there.

Because it's not about who we's about the music.


We don’t do CD or vinyl manufacturing in house but we have long-standing relationships and accounts with multiple manufacturers so we can help you find the services you need or contract them for you.

Mastering can be part of our contribution to your project along with helping you get both physical and digital copies of your product manufactured and distributed.

Web Design & Hosting

We offer a full line of web services including: website design, domain registration, hosting, email accounts.

Your site can be set up to link to your catalog on iTunes, CDBaby, Rhapsody, Spotify, or Napster along with links to your facebook, myspace, or reverb nation page.

We can build in-site shopping or links to digital distribution sites, whichever you prefer.

While our clients are primarily from the music industry, we do host sites for charities and commercial clients as well.

All the sites we host are powered by 100% renewable energy sources and are provided with technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.